Wise up !

Past two years have shown how people who were usually against authority, control or mandates, only were against it because they did not have the power to implement them. As soon as they got a bit to status, they went full steam ahead for everything they pretended to be against. And so we have ended up with so called liberals who have no consideration for civil liberties.

It is very clear, that there are a lot of people of low mental status, those who have been unable to build positive social relations so far in their lives, bitter, unable to self reflect and improve upon their failure – and these people when have got a bit of validation and a sense of attention have gone full on authoritarian. It is very sad to see.

When I was growing up, I was told that it is people with little minds who want to control others because they have nothing else going on in their life and you know what, it is true.

It is mind boggling to see, all these people have come across so much history information and fictional content in terms of comics, books and movies – seen how this plays out – seen what kind of deplorable people act in this pathetic way and then decided yeah I identify more with the bad guy.

No amount of justification or excuses, can ever trump civil liberties. And those want to do so, are either do it out of fear or have nefarious intentions. Wise up.