On a web journey …

Lately I have been burning the candle at multiple ends, finishing my second novel, releasing new episodes of my podcast, in process of creating 2 more new podcasts with one of them being a colab, my ever present day job (which I actually enjoy to some degree) and now …. changing the entire outlook of this website, work on which is underway. Not to mention, studying for various courses and my exhaustive list of books currently reading or to be read.

I brought this upon my own self but you know what, in a way, I am enjoying it. I am making the best use of my time that I can and trying to achieve as much as I can.

But even amongst this chaos, I still remember everyday to take a step back and calm my thoughts. Nothing is worth it, unless you are yourself in a happy place from where you can channel your positive creativity.

Stay good and be good people.