So after a month of poking and prodding, I have managed to update the website. Hopefully it is now a bit more to my taste but more importantly more to your taste.

In the coming days I will be recording episodes for The World of Momus: Random Thoughts podcast and making it available on this website and on instagram. Meanwhile the The World of Momus: History & Myth podcast is available here, Spotify and other places.

There is also now a dedicated gallery for my mobile photography. I have not bothered to separate them in batches, maybe I might revisit this decision later on in the future.

For now I am happy with the updates, but if there are any feedback, please do leave a comment below or you can communicate with me via my socials. It will be good to know.

So, now I think it is time for me to concentrate more on finishing the first draft of my second novel or novella I should say, Insan. I can’t wait to finish this one.