July Indie Reads (2021)

These are the four Indie books I read in the month of July. To support my fellow indie and small press authors, I have decided to read 4 indie & small press books per month. I primarily made a list of over 40 or so books when I asked authors to nominate their own books for the list.

Every month, or rather end of every month/start of following month. I will post which 4 books I read and recommend them. Obviously, I will only be reading and recommending the books I actually liked reading.

Now, The Mask by Elizabeth A. Lance is a bit of an anomaly because I don’t read romance novels. But I found it to be a happy read. And within my indie books list, I think I have earmarked few other romance novels and even an erotica novel. It is not my preferred genre, but I don’t mind trying something new out.

Anyway, Happy reading !