Thought of the day

For crisis management it’s good to draw up worst case scenarios but it’s a folly to make them your predictors and work towards them. You make provisions, yes, and if certain thresholds are broken then enact them. But you don’t scare people to compensate for you incompetence.

Personally though, I don’t like worse case scenarios. I find them useful to know but then to ignore. It is far better to be an optimist. Make contingency plans. But be ready to take the opportunity to succeed, no matter how slim.

However, obviously, when it comes to making decisions where there is more at stake than your ownself, then there is a lot more to consider. But …. an individual who is optimistic, is more likely to lead, more often than not, with the mentality of a winner.

We must not be afraid to live, and we must not be afraid to succeed in living. Life only come around once, and I for one do not intend to live it listening to people who are too afraid of their own shadow.