Brief thought on the lack of thoughts

A lot of people I see online just need to maybe tweet this and be done with it, ‘I will say anything online that gets me some attention and likes – all strings attached of mine to my puppet master’.

We really need to stop outsourcing our thoughts and start thinking for our own selves. If not then what is the point of even being human, might as well be barnyard animals if we are going to act like one. Herded one way or another, depending on the whim on our shepherds.

Screw the experts, there is a time and a place for them and the level to which you have to listen. You are the expert of your own existence. If want to follow someone, or take influences, do it with open eyes. We are busy doing so many things, apart from thinking.

An anthropologist is not a medical doctor, a medical doctor is a technician in their respective fields not a scientist necessarily, and a medical scientist is not immune from being influenced and/or corrupted socially or economically. These are logical assumptions, in just one area, and they are provable in practice.

Do not let people, who care more about their likes than your welfare, coerce or shame you into thinking that your thoughts are not valuable. They are your thoughts – they need to be processed, yes, but first they need to take some form of existence. Do not let anyone make you undermine yourself and your ability to think for yourself.