Indie Reads Update

So …. I am about to finish my 4th indie/small press read for the month of August and after that I shall be posting all 4 books on here. All 4 were very interesting books this month, specially the last one is brilliant which I am hoping to finish by the end of today.

And since I revamped my site, I have taken away most of the previous mentions of indie reads. So I will make a separate post, mentioning some of the favourites from the ones I read before I started this new list of indie/small press reads.

Anyway, it is a bank holiday monday here and I plan to spend today with some friends, having a bbq. Yeah I know, the weather isn’t amazing but who cares.

And if any of you are lucky enough to have today off, I would say spend this extra day with those that matter most in your life. Less time in here more time out there – as I usually like reminding everyone.

The one I am reading right now is Wonder Rush by Dan McKeon. It is really good and twisted.