Mobile Pics Update

So, soon I will be uploading second batch of the pictures which I have taken from my mobile. And by the looks of it there are way too many pics to stack as one gallery. I think, I will split it into possibly batch of 100, that way it will make it easier for me to manage them and make it easier for you to toggle through.

Primarily, most of the photos for now are the ones taken by Pixel 3xl with some exceptions of Samsung S20. However, I am hoping that Pixel 6pro will be as good as some are promising it to be, so it can produce even better results. Failing that, I might turn to maybe Sony or any other which I haven’t tried before. But not samsung or apple.

See, with Apple, I just can’t get onboard with them. I prefer android, and yeah yeah people love Apple blah blah blah, I know its great, but I just don’t care. I like what I like and I rather stick with what I like. And as for Samsung, well I think they are really good phones with brilliant cameras, my wife has Samsung and it works great for her. But since I started using Pixels, I find that stock android does make a difference for me – it runs a lot smoother. And when it comes to taking photos from the phone, Pixel’s software is just pitch perfect and if 6 is as good as I hope, I think it will be a game changer. The only reason why I would even think about something else, is because I have a soft spot for Sony as a company. And I do think their phones go underappreciated.

But anyway, that is my amateur rambling on phones which no one asked for. So I will be separating them in batches and uploading some new ones, starting in a week or so. I should really title these ramblings as numbered blog entries ….