(blog entry) The weekend is upon us ….

So, it is that time again. Towards the end of Friday working day, and yearning for the weekend. It has been an odd week, I feel slightly agitated, a bit unlike myself. I spent too much time on social media this week and I think that has just thrown me off. When you stay away from too many interactions, you forget how much that space in over-saturated by cry babies and bots, specially twitter and facebook.

People so flippantly equate one hardship with another in history, without even understanding the context or the actual facts of that history. It is a true failure or our education system and parenthood, I must add.

But, lets just throw that all away. That is just unnecessary baggage which really doesn’t need to be carried. Instead focus on yourself and the loved ones around you. That is the real world. Winning arguments on twitter is not going to pay your bills and it certainly isn’t going to help with your mental health. So, as I have learned from listening to Joe Rogan, the best way to use social media specially twitter most of the time is to, post and ghost. And while we at it, good luck and good health to him. He got it and he beat it ! Good on him.

In other news, well I finally straightened up my mobile photography section, as I promised earlier and now it is divided up into 50 pictures each. I might change the number of photos in each gallery going forward from time to time, but for now 50 seems a good number. I hope you guys like my random photos. I use most of my pictures for wallpapers and sort. And if you guys want to use them for personal use, feel free to use them as well. I mainly prohibit their commercial use, and also their use without any credit to myself.

Apart from that, I will be recording the next episode of The World of Momus: History & Myth this weekend, and release it hopefully on monday if all goes well. I will also be starting my Random Thoughts podcast on this website and Instagram starting mid September. I would have started sooner, but I am going for a mini break to York coming weekend. It is our 8th wedding anniversary coming up, and since I am still awaiting my naturalization paperwork from Home Office, I cannot really leave the country – don’t have a valid passport for the timebeing. But bah, such is life and these things will get sorted soon I hope. I have actually never been to York before, so I am really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to walk around Shambles.

Anyway, that seems like too much of an update. I hope you all have a great weekend. And remember more time out there and less time in here.