The fearful cowards

Hiding behind care for all,
Virtue signalling for all to see, 
you lie, you cheat, you deceit, 
You do what you do, 
Out of fear, 
Out of selfish fear for yourself, 
You do not care 
about others,
as long as you keep living
your pathetic, sedentary life, 
filled with fear
for the inevitable, 
You do not care, 
You pretend, 
Because you are afraid. 

And the time will come, 
when the noose will be around your neck
same as mine, 
Then you will see, 
When all virtues go down the drain,
And fear becomes real,
Then you will see,
and you will care,
But by then
it will be too late,
And you will realize what
fear made you do when you did,
and where fear led you, 
just to be more afraid.