Thought of the day – Overthrow or be enslaved

It may very well be that the time is coming soon in the West where a choice will need to be made – overthrow or be enslaved. But let us make sure that the inevitable overthrow is for the right reasons to get the right results for the best future possible.

There comes a point when enough is enough and that point was a good year or so ago. Right now the left are causing havoc and anarchy for the wrong reasons and for the wrong outcomes because of which the right are forced to dig their heels deeper in protecting the institutions. How long can be go with this arbitrary divide?

The differences need to be set aside and clear objective need to be understood. We make governments, the governments work for us – they are NOT our masters and we will never be their slaves. Our freedoms are not negotiable.

This is a very crucial time – this is the actual existential threat to the West. The threat that most are too fearful to accept. Evil comes disguised as good – there are reasons why we have been warned of it over the many years. Understand, Accept, Recognize this threat.

They work for us – and it is time they understand it. Overthrow or be enslaved !