Wedding Anniversary

So today was our 8th Wedding Anniversary and 1 month away from us being together for 10 years. A work colleague/friend of my wife, made a teddy bear caricature of me using one of my profile pics, which i was completely unaware about. It was amazing, I will put the profile pic and pic of the teddy down below for comparison.

Cannot even tell the difference. This is what I see now when I look into the mirror.

This other me, is now the official mascot of The World of Momus.

A while back when I was a lot younger, dealing with a lot of emotional issues, and turbulent existential questions, I never thought that one day I could be this happy in my life and spend it with someone as wonderful as my wife whose love for me seems never-ending.

Now of course I don’t post like this every year on every anniversary, this is important because it is our 8th wedding anniversary but it is also close to us being together for a decade. So it is significant. Marriage or partnership is not easy and not everyone is lucky enough to have a successful one but I have been lucky. I feel lucky. Being with her makes me even like myself more.

Anyway, when all is said and done, my wife is what matters to me the most. I hope you all can find the warmth of such a love in your life because without it, it all seems a bit pointless.