Blog Entry #4 – Weak People

Nazism didn’t happen in isolation. It took a lot of cowards to stay quiet and let it happen, before it became something that became near impossible to challenge from within. It is not the ideas but the inaction of weak people that worry me most.

We are in weird situation in our Western societies right now, we have the foresight provided by history but we are just willing to ignore it. I feel like, you know sometimes you are watching this dystopian, post apocalyptic movie, and you think to yourself – how did people let it happen? That is so unreal. Well, we are in that phase right now. We are letting it happen. We are letting tyranny take hold and being fooled by false narratives being put out there by our future overlords.

It is time to wake up people. You weakness, can mean the death of life as we know it. Show some courage to say, enough is enough.