Blog Post #5 – Victoria & Albert Museum – Recent Visit

I recently went to Victoria & Albert Museum in London – and I have to say, it is not a museum which you see all in one day, if you want to actually see everything properly and admire.

So I went to only two levels

These were some of the sculptures on the ground floor of the museum. Sculptures of Thuner, Pandora’s box, Joshua Ward and the likes. Just on the first floor, it started giving me ideas about various topics I can cover in my History & Myth podcast. And the details on these sculptures, simply breathtaking.

And then onwards to the cast court, and things started getting even better ….

The cast of these Roman Columns, is simply amazing. The intricate details on these columns, I mean you can only imagine how long it must have taken for them to get it all right. And it tells a story.

These are some of the other casts of sculptures, we spent a lot of time over here. It is hard not to spend hours and hours just here.

I also went through some of the other areas, like China, Japan and Korea, they were fascinating as you would expect but because most of it was behind glass its hard to take good pictures.

I also checked out its amazing collection of jewellery, its an enormous collection. If you want to really appreciate it, I think you need to spend a whole day just there. I didn’t take many pictures there to be honest, because it was overcrowded in small areas but I did come across this magnificent spoon in the Mughal Empire section. I wouldn’t mind having a spoon like it.

And obviously, I admired the paintings of John Constable, they are just mesmerizing

I did spent some time in the Hindu Deities section and now there are some brilliant topics for future episodes.

Exceptionally fascinating religious mythology, dating way back 4000 years or so.

Now this was something very different. This image shows a sampler from bout 1830, made by a young woman in domestic service, Elizabeth Parker. In tiny cross-stitch, she chronicled her feelings of secrecy and shame after suffering abuse at the hands of her employer.

Apart from everything inside, it is a beautiful building when you look upon it from its courtyard. Well the building is beautiful both inside and outside.

If you get time, I would recommend to visit it – few times.