Blog Post #6 – Writing Mode Engaged

Hi all, I hope I have numbered this blog post correctly.

So I am aware I have a bit absent here, and other places as well. But I am going in my writing mode to finish my WIP Insan. The aim is to get the first draft done by the end of October.

The October Indie Reading month, will either need to be skipped or the amount will need to be reduced from 4 to either 1 or 2. But we will re-visit that once we hit October.

For now more and more episodes are being made available on YouTube Channel of The World of Momus and I would appreciate if you guys check it out and subscribe to the Channel if you like it and hopefully we can keep it going.

Apart from that, I hope you all are doing fine and keep on doing fine. Today I just want to send you all positive thoughts and let you know that you are not alone. All the love.