September Indie Reads (2021)

This month, because I didn’t have enough time, I read only 3 indie books instead of four. And I think in October it might be even less, although I will make up the numbers by posting about previously read but not mentioned in this context indie books.

The three I read in September were all unique. Her Biggest Fan is an intriguing read. It was my first ever erotica novel. Although I don’t think it is a genre that I will explore much further, this book was written very well. I hope the author considers, having a good book cover for it as it deserves one. Bourbon Street Nocturne and other short stories, now this was the strangest set of short stories I have ever read. They were more like snippets in mid moments of a story rather than a story itself. If one puts their mind to it, each story in itself could be a novel of their own. It was an interesting read, well written.

And now we come to the book, that is probably my favourite indie or otherwise read of this year. In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree. Beautifully written. I loved reading it. It is thus far in the top 3 of my all time favourite indie reads. The complex emotions, lives and circumstances of the several key characters, inhabiting the same land but worlds apart, have been captured beautifully with an unapologetic and raw smack of realism.