Blog Post #11 – Cider with a side of cider

I hope you all are having a good evening. I didn’t use to be a fan of cider much before, but for some reason it has grown on me. Did you know that British Celts been making cider as long back as 5000 years? Maybe I will do an episode on it, on The World of Momus podcast.

But in any case, I hope you are having a good evening and you keep on having a good evening. Stop paying too much attention to social media and try to move your perspectives away from the extremes. We are letting all our conversations being hijacked by the extremes on both sides and it is ripping our communities apart. Let’s all just take a deep breathe, calm down, stop being so afraid of every little thing and reevaluate our priorities. Life is too short to be trying to control everyone. Just let it go. And above all lead your life with love.