Lets get ready to RUMBLLEEEE !!!

Alright, so I have started the process of shifting all the video formats of The World of Momus Podcast over to Rumble from YouTube and as I mentioned before I will then be closing down the YouTube channel.

So please find below the videos uploaded on Rumble so far:

Ep1. History of Early Britain (History & Myth)
Ep2. The Story of Sandwich (History & Myth)
#1 Morning Thoughts (Random Thoughts)
Ep3. The Legend of Loch Ness Monster (History & Myth)
Three of Aesop’s Stories (Bonus Episodes)
Ep4. The Story of Ramen (History & Myth)
#2 My feelings about 9/11 (Random Thoughts)
Ep5. The Story of Radio & Marconi (History & Myth)