Polska – The Land of Fields

Being honorary Pole by marriage, I kind of side with Poland against EU bullying tactics at these current times. Poland is in a different stage in their country’s development and they need time and space to operate while exercising their sovereignty. I used to be a lot in favour of EU, but recent times have shown their mission creep from trade into countries internal affairs is not something that I can support.

Poland is forever facing threats on its eastern borders and these latest issues with Belarus can not be just simply ignored because the carry the weight of a stronger power behind them. Poland needs to do what it needs to do to protect itself and take actions which they feel is in the best interest of their nation.

The more you think about the more it seems undemocratic for an outside organization to have primacy over a nation’s constitutional law. It takes away the full agency of a nation’s citizens over their national integrity and rights, and to decide upon their own future and choose their own direction as a nation. This story need to keep unfolding and we will see where it goes. But I for one am no longer in favour of a European Union beyond trade and related treaties. I think it should go back to what it was originally initiated for and stop with their ever expanding mission creep.