October Indie Reads (2021)

Because of the continuing busy schedules, I was able to read two new indie books instead of four but to make the numbers up, I have added first two books of The Rising Saga series.

Okay so Diamond Blood is a collection of some really interesting short stories and poems, which are very well written and put together. It is a book that you can go back and forth to and don’t necessarily have to read it all in one go. And I mean that in a good way, because each story makes you pause and think a little – which means you can let that fester and perhaps some time after come back into the book and go back to another story.

Sin Eater, is a young adult contemporary fiction as I find it, and for that genre, the story is highly interesting and original. And it discusses some deep topics with a somewhat stable perspective. The build up towards a poignant character twist is well laid out and seems almost effortless. It was a good read and I am sure people who like this genre are going to like this book.

Now we come to the first 2 books, Child of Destiny and Betrayal of Destiny in the 3 part Rising Saga series, written by M.K. Adams. The third book I am hoping the author will finish next year, as I have been told and I am most definitely going to hold the author to it, is at least by myself being eagerly anticipated. I really want to know where this story goes and how it ends. This is a debut fantasy series by a really good friend of mine and had the privilege of beta reading the second book in the series. I love the polished writing, I love the character build up, I love the rawness of emotions being carried, I love the battle scenes and the practicality of character weapon choices, I love the suspense, all of it. And okay, this is perhaps not the best fantasy series you might read (although I think it is pretty damn good), knowing that this is a debut series, while reading this story you can just feel how special the next project from this author might be and the one after that and so on. Highly recommend reading it.