One of the many updates …..

So, all the videos of The World of Momus Podcast that were supposed to be on YouTube are now on Rumble, and the embedded Rumble videos are on this website. Soon I will be shutting down the YouTube Channel, because frankly it is an unnecessary headache. I need to get back to my writing, and trying manage so many different platforms just eats up my time.

Apart from that, I will be setting up donation/contribution link on the website. For those who want to support me to keep on producing content, any contribution no matter how big or small will be highly appreciated. Cheers !

Okay so now business out of the way, I hope everyone is doing well and taking every step to keep their physical and mental health as good as possible. We potentially have some troubling times ahead, specially with the inflation set to rise here in the UK and inflation already risen in other countries. During time of financial strive, some people tend to turn inwards and create a negative outlook. And as financial circumstances go dire and dire, they become more mean spirited.

I just want to remind you all to safeguard yourselves against such intentions. When our circumstances become difficult or for those around us, we should pay more attention to our communities because that is the time when everyone can need the help of each other.

Don’t let the situation, your every dividing governments, corporate greed or unfounded fears break our sense of community apart. Show those mean spirited people what they are missing out on so that they understand what it is to be human and to live in a society.

Take care of yourself and others, be good and above all, lead your life with love.