Freedom from enslavement

Once one becomes comfortable with others telling them what to do, then they automatically forgo all sensible logic to perpetuate the narrative of their safe enslavement.

There has never been a time and there will never be a time where governmental mandates actually work for the purpose that is purported. Today on Remembrance Sunday, we should reflect upon the importance of freedom. Why it is important to be the master of our own self. And why individual civil rights matter more than the collective.

It is good to take care of your community and help each other out, but once individual rights start getting sacrificed to maintain the facade of community care, it will do nothing but harm the community in the long run by harming the individuals within it. We must be wary against government overreach. We cannot let tyranny dictate the kindness of human embrace. Remember the sacrifices made before you to safeguard the future which we seem to be throwing away so carelessly.