Know thy enemy

Know thy enemy, for it surely knows you.

Institutions who have to answer more to their shareholders above their stakeholders, are not your friends. Because we, the people, are the forever stakeholders, collectively.

It used to be that the corporate world was understandably more shareholder oriented. But then the corporate world introduced corporate social responsibility and fooled his with their fake benevolence. And then spread their corporate arms to the means of information and governance. When that happened, the media and the rest of news channels became corporate media, no longer concerned with finding out the truth to safeguard the stakeholders. No. It became more concerned with ways of increasing its ratings to appease their shareholders.

The same happened with governance. It also became corporate governance. No longer politicians concerned about fighting to get their stakeholders the best public services while maximizing their civil liberties. No. It became more about what policies can be passed to appease the shareholders, the contributors to the party finances, so what if few stakeholders lose out in the process.

We, the people, the stakeholders, have a greater need for the institutions to succeed in our favour in the longer run, and yet we have surrendered them to the corporations.

Know thy enemy, I say again, for it surely knows you. The enemy that slowly grinds you, that makes you think they are your friend. The ones that make you hate each other, divide you from your actual friends. The enemy that makes you a slave to the sustenance it purports to provide for you. That enemy is not your friend, it is your master, a corporate master who cares more about perpetual slavery than the slave.

Wake up. It is still not too late. The enemy class will not rest in their endeavour, do not snooze on your freedom.