On road to recovery … personal update


So, as some of you must be aware, I was recently diagnosed with cancer. I have had the surgery and I am on the mend. It seems like it was caught at very early stages, and the surgeons have managed to get it all out. Awaiting further biopsy results, to see if any is left. It certainly didn’t spread – so that is good news.

It feels weird, I am not going to lie. To have a piece of me missing, it feels awkward when I walk but I am still grateful that I have my life. I am also grateful, to have a loving wife, whose love sustains me through all ills that might ever befall. Work hard, to share your life with someone special, because that makes life worth living.

So following that, I will be posting less over here, while I am recovering. The main reason being that I use a dedicated desktop computer instead of a laptop and sitting in that position for longer, isn’t good for the surgical wound right now, considering it is on the lateral thigh.

You might think that maybe it is a better idea to have a laptop, but the main reason I don’t have laptop is to create that separation of, work, hobbies and real life. And in moments like these, I am forced to separate myself and concentrate on myself.

That being said, if you remember, I mentioned before I went for surgery that I am looking to close down my YouTube account because they give me a lot of unnecessary hassle which I don’t need in my life. Well, I have decided to let it be. I have decided that YouTube account can just go along with my other accounts, I just won’t make it a primary focus or promote it. I’d rather promote my work on here, spotify and rumble.

Soon, I will be recording and publishing the 10th lost episode of History & Myth on the World of Momus Podcast, about the history of essex. Be sure to tune in. Your support means a lot to me. I will also set up a contribution link, for those who want to send me some contributions so I can keep this project going and keep on providing you all with educational and somewhat entertaining episodes.

Thank you all, and much love.