Gorgeous cafe in York – Forest at Galters Lodge

Earlier this year, I visited York and forgot to put some snaps up. So here is me correcting that mistake.

We stayed in the middle of the city centre and there was this gorgeous looking cafe at the end of the road, a lot of people were taking pictures of it, so I am sure it is a well known one. I took progressive snaps of it, as we got closer to it.

It was called Forest at Galters Lodge. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time, to have lunch over there but we did have a quick tea and it was very nice.

There are so many different, small and independent cafes and restaurants in York. It is such a beautiful place to visit. It would probably take us few more visits to go to all of them. Its a good thing we have decided to move up north to Yorkshire next year, hopefully to Harrogate. That will give us a lot more time to explore to our heart’s content.