November Indie/Small Press Reads

Okay, so have I got a treat for you guys. November reads, delayed list. These are the books to buy for your upcoming Christmas holidays. We have 2 new reads and 2 older reads – to keep this trend of 4 going. I think we have few more months of 4 indie or small press reads to go and then it will be reduced to just one a month.

And then we vanish – This is a brilliant collection of short stories, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories. They are well written and well imagined. I would recommend this to anyone.

Even though I loved all of them, I think my favourite ones were; Boko Haram’s Greatest Hits, Somebody You Used to Know and The Pumpkin Thief. But I am sure, whoever reads this collection will like all of them.

The Alvah – This was a well written, fast paced page turner of a read. I really enjoyed the originality of the story. The blend of surrealism with realism. A really refreshing read.

This was a brilliant read, one of my favourites in a while.

The Teleporter – This was an interesting and amusing read with a real life outlook to an ordinary person, who isn’t that ordinary, gaining powers by an accident – as all good superheroes do. There are some places where the story feels raw, and it gives you an idea that, should the author decide to bring these characters back, there will be growth in all aspects, maturation of story, characters and their complexities. I really liked the concept, of a not so perfect unhinged person gaining powers and then trying to understand their life along with their new found abilities. Definitely recommend it.

The Voyage – It was a good concept and well researched. As far as debuts go, it was a really good book. Would like to see how the author develops his writing in the future. This was a slow burner but a sure burner at the same time. Would recommend it.

The originality of this book was really good and it puts up some really strong arguments because it is so well researched.