For all humans to remain human ……

Dover – looking over the English Channel

This nature that exists, in us all, 
To scupper, suppress, maim, annihilate,
each free thought,
It is not a nature all too natural,
For all humans to be human,
And not a pet to a master.

Blood was spilled, not too along ago,
Across these waters, over to the land,
where tyranny took hold,
Those before us, gave their lives,
not just for themselves,
But so all humans could be human,
forever again.

Now once more, this rises,
In the name of the good, evil rises,
This seed of mischief, this unnatural nature,
To mandate all to the will of the few,
The few which sit pretty beyond reproach,
But we are many, and we shall remain many,
As long as we stay united,
And understand, that we are what matters.

So, the time has now come,
To set all differences aside,
In the face of evil, we must stay resolute,
They will divide us into many a group,
But as long as there are enough of us
with eyes wide open, we will fight for our right,
Take up your arms, ready your souls,
For all humans to remain human,
We must all play our part.