Christmastide is here

Forget your sorrows awhile,
Wipe those tears for now,
Christmastide is here,
To bring joy and merriment,
Tomorrow is another time,
That can be made better,
Start anew, start fresh,
With happiness as your monad,
Seek out the life you wish to have.

This Christmas I have got 3 episodes for you all out on Spotify, YouTube, Rumble and many more.

I will link here YouTube videos. Please consider subscribing to my channel and watching other videos on The World of Momus Podcast.

First one I have for you is an episode about the various Christmas Traditions from around the world.

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Second, is the reading of a short story The Gift of the Magi by O.Henry

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And lastly I have for you, my Christmas thoughts and message

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And if that wasn’t enough, Mumbling of a Fool – a collection of poems, is free as e-Book on Kindle, till the end of Boxing Day. Click on the image below for link to Amazon.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Upcoming New Year. May your heart and life be filled with joy and merriment to your content.