Happy New Year Everyone !!!

The new year is upon us and even though the past two have been torrid, let us all make sure that we don’t let them take this one away from us as well. And let us make sure that we don’t waste it as well.

I have stopped making new year resolutions for a while now, like I say I make life resolutions not new years. New Years are fleeting and they are gone even before the first bloom of spring. Life resolutions stay for life, and you just have to keep on improving upon them. But new year is a good time as any, to review how are you getting on with those life goals. So in one way or another, it can serve as a time for reflection. Although I find that your birthdays are a better time for such reflections. I know most people don’t like making themselves miserable on their birthdays but hey, if you aren’t a lazy bugger then those reflections can be really positive and make your birthdays even better, specially after you are 30 and too old to celebrate them like a child anymore.

Let me share one of my life goals with you. One of them is to always strive for happiness. Now you might say, well that is a bit stupid and isn’t it much like the American dream of pursuing happiness. Yes and no. I am not striving for financial happiness, I am striving for internal happiness. And to achieve this life goal, I have to make decisions that put be closer to situations where I find my happiness. You might think now that it is a bit selfish not entirely. See everything is connected, my happiness is also in a way connected to the happiness of those around me, so to maximize mine I have to help them achieve theirs as well. You see, a simple life goal like that can affect so many other life decisions of yours and open up multiple avenues to explore. That is just a snippet of what I am talking about, and probably not going completely in-depth here. But I hope you understand the core idea behind it. Make resolutions that make a positive knock on effect on your entire life and not just seek temporary bliss.

So many other things can be connected to it as well. I love nature, being in nature even just parks makes me happy, it brings me joy. So I will walk more. If I walk more, I will be active and have a positive affect on my health, which will also make me happy.

Basically make broader resolutions, and then within those make specific goals which feed into that main resolution. That has been my perspective for some time now. I might be completely wrong but so far it is working for me and I feel all the much better for it.

But you also have to remember, that is in this world of chaos we all have to find our own method to our madness. We cannot have a one fits all solutions to all the problems. We can take inspirations from other methods and ideas and then apply them as best they fit us, or mold them into something new that might improve upon them.

Whatever it might be, by the end of it, I wish you all a Happy New Year. And I hope you become more prosperous in your life and that your heart gets filled with joy more and more. There are forces out there, constantly trying to divide us. Has been since time immemorial. It is the nature of things. It is our job to understand that and make an active effort not to fall for their luring sounds.

Take care everyone, have a great time and above all, lead with love.

Happy New Year !!!