December Indie/Small press Reads

So here we are, a bit late, my December Indie Reads. All really interesting reads. I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. Click on the book’s titles below

Hades: A God in the Machine – I really liked this short snippet into A God in the Machine series. It makes me want to explore further which I will in due course. Well written and great story building. Brilliant read.

Definitely when I get more time, I will be reading all of the books in the series.

In Hell’s Shadow – This was a really good, short and enjoyable read. It is well written and the story is well crafted.

It really is a quick and short read and the execution of the story is good. Some times these shorter stories serve as a snippet to what the author has to offer in their other works and this certainly makes to want to read more of his stuff.

Quest – It seems inevitable at this point, that such a scenario will present itself in the future. And by the looks of how our leaders are more inclined to protect their special interest groups over their public duty, it seems likely that the response would be inadequate. This was a really compelling read. I enjoyed it.