Gone fishing ….

Actually not really, this is a picture from a long time ago where I am pretending to fish. It was in Poland where I was messing about with my brother in laws. I actually don’t know how to fish.

I just don’t understand the concept of fishing and then putting the fish back because you cannot really take it. That is what its like in UK. Why are you annoying the fish if you don’t want to take it? Although I understand the serenity and all that, and to be honest that is the only part I understand. It is nice to be out there fishing, shooting the breeze with a friend or two, or just on your own lost in your own thoughts. But take the fish with you as well.

But no, mentally I have been fishing for few days I guess. Just lost in few thoughts. Now it seems though I am back mentally and physically, and ready to do some damage.

Hope you all have been having a great week so far and I hope you all are starting your year off the right way. And try to just forget about all the nonsense flying about, concentrate more on your self, your health, your family and friends and your work. Don’t let them who benefit from it, divide you and bring up the tribal fever in you. Lead with love.