Artist or Salesman ?

Never have I known artists, be in the field of painting, sculpturing, writing, music, acting, comedy & satire and so on, to tow the line with authority this much. The job of an artist is to create art that elicit feelings in you and provokes thought. Not to conform to the party line.

If an artist is too afraid to express their thoughts and feelings with whatever medium they choose then they are no longer artist, they are merely a salesman, afraid to lose sales if they don’t please the customers. You are just making products and services to sell, that is your only purpose. And if that is your only purpose, maybe you should stop calling yourself an artist.

Through the cowardice of artists comes the regression of culture and through the regression of culture comes mass compliance to whatever social narratives that are engineered by those that demand compliance. It is a disappointment, to see so many falling victim to this ideology. I guess that’s why there is a difference between an artist by heart and an opportunist salesman seeking the profits of comfortable times.

Find inspiration and find your backbone. Otherwise, sell your frivolous banalities and be on your way, you merchant of happenchance.