Indie/Small Press Reads – January 2022

First month of the year, and I have for you 4 indie reads which I recently read and enjoyed.

Twister Grin by Evan Starkman – This is probably going to make my favourite indie reads list for 2022.

This is a brilliantly written collection of short stories. I loved reading them. I think The Butcherer (Season 70) was my favourite, although everyone of them had a different aspect that I liked. Highly recommend reading this collection, you won’t be disappointed.

Cat Potion no.9 by Lyn Perry – Delightful and well written story. Really good read for children and young teens. Hard not to love cats, especially those out and about having their little adventures.

Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock – This is a well written story, with an intriguing mix of science fiction with theology. Looking forward into the future with understanding of the past. Taking in the many elements of human nature, and not simply trading one for another.

Barely Composed by Anna Tizard – Very interesting short story. Subscribe to her newsletter to get a free copy amongst access to other content. Really interesting short story about two musicians and the lure of a demon.