Personal Update & new Podcast !

So, I have been a bit absent for past few days over here apart from the pre-scheduled posts here and there. Well, that is because I finally got covid and so did by wife. The good news is that we have managed to kick it out in 2 days and now returning back to normal.

I am hoping to do a podcast episode for you guys this week, I haven’t decided on a topic yet. But maybe I will do one about the brief history and interesting facts about Ukraine, since that is a topic which is on everyone’s minds these days and then I think I want to cover a topic from the American Revolutionary War period.

And, in case you don’t know. I have started another podcast with a friend of mine, Swan Workman where we talk about various topics and intend to give home to the politically and ideological homeless. It is called Momus and Swan’s Halfway House Podcast.

See below, the second episode of that podcast where we talk about the Ukraine and Russian conflict. “Peace, What is it Good for?”. If you like this conversation please consider subscribing to the podcast for updates on future episodes. They are set to release weekly, every friday.

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