Upcoming episodes

So, I have not recorded and published any episodes for The World of Momus Podcast for far in march. There have been two main reasons, one I got Covid and have been recovering from it which should be reason enough. But another is as some of you might know, I have started another podcast with a friend of mine called, Momus and Swan’s Halfway House Podcast which can be found on YouTube.

But I do have some great episodes coming up for in the remainder of this month. I don’t know if I will be able to get all of them out for you in time, but I sure as hell would try.

So this week, I will be releasing a history episode about Kievan Rus and the untangled history of Ukraine & Russia. Then also some interesting facts about Ukraine. With this being the current hot topic, hopefully it will give a brief overview about the history of that nation and I will also let you guys know about other resources I have come across concerning this topic.

Then I am hoping to record the reading of another poem. And a random thoughts episode, where I intend to talk about my views on war.

If I get enough time, I will try to squeeze in another episode about Minotaur. Although at the moment it seems like it might not happen, if not now then I will probably cover it in April.

So lots of exciting stuff happening, I hope you all enjoy it. And if you want, I would really appreciate if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks and love you all.

The World of Momus Podcast