Minds is a good social media platform – my social media journey so far …

That is the extent my expert tech analysis about social networking platforms – Minds is a good social networking platform lol

I remember the first ever social media platform I used was … I think was called Orket or something, not sure how it was spelled. It was place where you put testimonials for each other and what not, it was very lame even for that time. I never used or got into myspace. When Facebook entered the market, it changed the landscape. That is only one I used.

Bear in mind, all this time I was in Pakistan, during my late teen and early 20s – so in a way the influence of what is cool and what is not cool in a school or college setting was not really that pressurized. If you know what I mean. The influences were only informed by a person’s own impulses. Obviously since the overuse to social media, that scenario has somewhat evolved in those regions. I wouldn’t know, I have not been back in 12 years, apart from a short holiday 7 years ago.

Either way, facebook was everything and it was not entirely bad. It was just a circle of friends and family, and mainly a way to stay connected, and use the facebook messenger. Txt messages costed money, so messenger was the way. I started using whatsapp I think when I came to England and my parents back home were using whatsapp to communicate. For years I avoided it. I don’t think I used social media much anyway, and I just hated additional headaches. The less point of contact the better with everyone.

Then there came a time when Facebook started becoming invasive. I don’t think it was Facebook’s fault. And I don’t mean datawise, it became invasive, it was the friends and family circle wise it started becoming invasive. You get in you late teens, get into uni, you start having new ideas – and well not everyone likes them. And then jokes need to be explained to certain family members and all that crap. And that is when I joined Twitter, because none of my family was on it.

Eventually I started limiting my friends list to certain things, started using facebook less and less, and then completely deleted it. It was just pointless. I had a lot of friends and family from Pakistan on there who didn’t appreciate me leaving the religion and having valid criticism of Islam – and it just started becoming sketchy. It really is a matter of life and death in such cases. I had no need for it, I had whatsapp if my parents wanted to talk with me, and a certain group of inner circle that I wanted to remain in touch with – no need for friendface.

Instagram, I think I have deleted the account once before and then made a new account which I now have, very small following – most of it is hawked by sex bot accounts for some weird reason. As long as those sexy gals are watching my podcast – who cares.

Twitter was good to start with, you could say whatever was on your mind, interact with people and get links for cool articles, research and news. I used it almost like Groundnews – which I now use to get actual news. Then Trump happened and Twitter went mental.

I went along with the mania, as I was left leaning. But then I caught myself being unreasonable, being snarky, being over tribal – and I did not like the look of it. I made a joke about Trump being a stupid onion, with layers of eye watering stupidity. I liked that joke alot. But after a while, I realized that I was moving away from myself. My core actual self.

Funnily enough, that is also a huge period of my life when I stopped meditating. I have to tell you guys whether you like it or not – meditating helps me a lot. I do sit down and meditate, but to be honest you don’t necessarily need to do the whole sitting down thing. Any time you can quiet your mind and tune in to the chorus of nature – can help you ease your senses and open your eyes to better perspective of life.

By the time Brexit happened, even though I was pro-EU at that time, I was getting more and more disenchanted with the social media left. That is probably the time when I rejoined Instagram – I might have rejoined Facebook at some point but I don’t really remember.

Twitter has become progressively a place of censorship and hatred. Pure hatred. You start off your day with hate and you end your day with hate over there. I was desperate for better alternatives, I had no idea about Minds. I joined Gettr as soon as it came out because I just wanted a different experience.

Gettr was nice at the start, but it just started becoming a mirror opposite of Twitter. A right leaning platform of hatred. And yesterday is when I closed my account there. Best of luck to them, but it is just not constructive. I already have Twitter for that sort of use. I keep Twitter, for perhaps marketing reasons. If I wasn’t writing books and making podcasts, or had aspirations of being good at both those things at some point, I would have left Twitter a while back.

And now I have started using Minds. I opened an account there but didn’t use it much. I listened to Bill Ottman on Joe Rogan Experience recently and I like the guy. He is honest and open to rethinking and adaptations. He is on a good path. And so I started using it. Just two days of use so far and I can honestly say, it is probably going to become my main social media platform of choice.

Apart from that, I have found great interactions through the WordPress community, and irrespective of what YouTube does as a company, through my Podcast on YouTube as well.

We have to actively make a choice to be happy and to lessen the hate in our life. Hate begets hate. It is no life to live. Mockery and criticism have its place and time, and yes it is essential to our progress but it should not be made into an identity. Trolling is not a worthwhile hobby, neither is it life fulfilling goal.

Anyway, I thought, I’d just note down some thoughts. Hopefully this will not come back to haunt me – but I prefer Minds over all social media platforms currently available.

Happy Mo