Thoughts on learning from mistakes

When someone points out your mistake and you know they are right, the adult thing to do is to take it onboard, self reflect, apologize or admit your mistake if necessary and learn from it. Childish thing to do is to point at another and say well he did it as well.

So if a person who leans a certain way politically makes a mistake and instead of admitting their mistake they point out that the opposition side of their politically leaning have also done the same or worse, that is childish because it doesn’t justify that person’s actions.

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s natural. What is not natural or productive shall we say, is not learning from those mistakes. So if you have made mistakes, and you are well aware of them, then you should also be aware that others can make them as well.

So you should afford the same space to learn as you would expect for yourself. Not everything in the world needs to be about scoring some arbitrary points. Be human, live like a human and treat others like one as well.

Let’s put this in a more practice example which we might see in the current circumstances, umm in America. If you are a Democrat supporter, and one of the politicians from the party does something absolutely out of order, the response from you should not be to say, well so and so Republican politician did it as well or done worse or it meant worse and so on. Because so hold your political ideology and gain some tribal points what you are doing is being intellectually dishonest plus not making sure that politician on your side learns from their mistake or takes responsibility for it. 

The same is done by Republican supporters as well. This is not a healthy way to do discourse or to live in a society. You are only making sure that your morality and principles are dependent on external factors rather than internal resolve and learned experiences throughout your life. 

This is just a thought, a thought that perhaps keep us tribal and divided when we need to come together. Regardless of what process of governance we think should happen, we should all be able to differential between good and bad, and agree upon basics rules of conduct. 

I hope some of you ponder on that thought. And again, we all make mistakes. Maybe some of you are doing it, I know I have done it in the past as well. But the important thing is to learn from it, and exercise self growth as a result of it.