Thought on Russian Atrocities

NATO did not force Russian soldiers, to rape, torture, kill and then drive with tanks over Ukrainian civilians. These atrocities have been committed by their soldiers in other Slavic & Baltic nations over the years.

So while there might be various suspicious elements behind both sides, there is a clear distinction of Putin being a heinous dictator and the crimes Russian soldiers have committed over the years. He is not on your side whether you like the war or not.

Your ignorance regarding the history of conflicts & culture in that region is not a valid substitute for ‘suspicion’, your ignorant & parroting ‘cynicism’ is not a substitute for intelligence and your tribal allegiance is not a substitute for ‘reality’ which is always complex.

For a lot of you, this is a far removed situation. It may have some economical impacts because of sanctions but it doesn’t create any chance of physical harm to you. So you can afford to remain ignorant. You can afford to be cynical. You can afford to see this situation as a video game scenario and continue to critique it accordingly. You might think parroting the thoughts of others who have their own agenda makes you sound smart, and you can get a bit of ‘likes’ action on the back of some famous accounts. And you think doing all this means that you know the truth, THE TRUTH.

This is the world we live in. Where nuance is dead and all that’s left is monkey tribes throwing their shit at each other. All these years of evolutionary marvel and this is how you choose to spend that gift. The gift of life.

Please grow up, before we all get blown up.

The flags of Ukraine and Russia painted on a wall. Photograph: Alamy