The Liar, The Bitch and The Warmonger – Morton R. Leader

Charles Wilde a wealthy businessman, whilst lying on his sick bed reflects on his life choices.

His four children, three from his marriage and one from his mistress are circling for any inheritance that may be left to them.

Edward, the eldest son is a hopeless liar who falls into serious debt.

David, the middle child, a hard-hitting, go-getting businessman and father-to-be.

Erica, the only daughter, an arrogant, spoilt, failing businesswoman.

And finally, Charlie, the illegitimate son who has done well for himself owning his own business.

Edward, David, and Erica wanted nothing to do with Charlie after he turned up and introduced himself just after his sixteenth birthday. When their aging father becomes ill, tensions come to the forefront as they all fight for a slice of his money.

An attempt on Charlie’s life asks the question who is responsible? Is it a member of his family or is there an enemy close by?

The Liar, the Bitch and the Warmonger takes you on a twisting mystery tale exploring family dynamics.

It asks the question, when it’s your time to shuffle off this mortal coil, are you better off leaving nothing behind other than enough for your funeral? Or the alternative, enough in your estate that will expose your feuding, conniving, jealous, and ruthless offspring?

“This is a well told family drama, with different personalities clashing with each other for their selfish interests. Once you start reading it, it grabs you and you are left wanting to know more. Great little read.”

‘The Liar, The Bitch and The Warmonger’ was my first Indie April read. So I planned on putting out a yearly list of indie reads I have gone through and pick top 3. My first year is available on this website, check the main menu.

However what I am thinking now is perhaps what might be a good idea is to capture my annual indie reads in the month of April as it is indie month and highlight them. And then do a top 3 pick. So 2022, will be a short year of only 4 months this time around and then it will fix itself.

By the end of this month I will list down all the indie books I have read this year and put out a top 3 as well. And during the month I will put out individual posts as I finish reading each book.

So here we are, with ‘The Liar, The Bitch and The Warmonger’ by Mortan R. Leader. I will give you the links below so you can check out his other works and his social links.

Morton R. Leader