The Woman in Red Heels – Brooklynn Dean

When a trip to the carnival turns deadly for Ryan Michaels, he realizes that his overly cautious lifestyle may not have been the best choice. It’s a shame he’s dead when this epiphany hits. There’s no changing it now… Or is there? When a strange woman with the ability to witness his life as it flashes before his eyes offers him the chance to take the opportunities he missed, Ryan is presented with a true life or death choice. If he takes it, at what cost will it come?

There is beauty within the melancholy of this story. Even though you know what is to come, you are still pulled to it, wishing for it not to come. A well written, interesting story-line.

The Woman in Red Heels was my third read for Indie April and I found this to be a sad but beautifully crafter story. You should give it a go if you want a good quick read.

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