Fake War Fallacy Thoughts

So this is the new reason why an actual war where horrific events are happening is a fake war? Because Boris Johnson could go to the capital 😂😂 Do you guys even hear yourself sometimes? Fake war fallacy thoughts 👇

So at this point some think that Putin is playing along with Zelenskyy and all NATO allies and they have created this fake war to bring some sort of new world order, I mean give me a break.

That is not to say that there aren’t think tanks trying to push new world order (looking at WEF) and they haven’t tried infiltrating govs to further their objective. Of course they have, that is what all think tanks do.

Rather than imagining a cabal trying to enact their world order on the masses which might or might not be true, it could be just momentary shared objectives of multiple players, concentrate on levers that allow them to influence in this way and limit those infiltration routes.

Concentrating on the who and the what rather than fixing the how so it doesn’t happen, only results in people being more divided so that how remains open for future exploitations.

None of these people seem to know the history of the region or Slavic people, the eventual build up of such conflicts since the fall of Soviets, or even understand how world diplomacy and war in the modern era operate. It is mind numbingly pathetic.

You should question everything but at least have the understanding of the context here so that you can ask better questions rather than dealing with such ignorant conspiracies.

I know why most of you are doing it. You have been alienated over the past two years, lied and cheated to by your governments so have I. Combine that with the fact such line of ‘questioning’ gets you likes and interactions from the new tribe you have found.

Beware of the tribes of opposition, tribes of non tribes, tribes of revolution because they are often misleading and more regressive than those they propose to oppose.

Mixture of such things have created a scenario where the right is over compensating for their ignorance and the left is over compensating for their false bravado.

Your cynicism is not a substitute for intelligence, your ignorance is not a substitute for reality, your selfishness is not a substitute for national pride or for pretend care of local issues.

A lot of things can be true or false at the same time. Causation is not correlation (this is important). Not everyone has your sense of morality especially those out of Western sphere.

Most don’t have ‘the truth’ but rather a new way to hate another, which is what they use to cement ‘their truth’ on you. This is very important. Understand it because you are trapped within it, whichever side you are with at the moment.

In the end remember this. Your need for likes and interactions to fill your hollow existence is ruining the civility and nature of discourses that need to be had in our society. Reflect on your behaviour.

If your behaviour causes hate first then it should at least make you pause, if your behaviour causes you to be selective with the truth that should alarm you, if opposition to your behaviour makes you irritable & angry then it’s time to reflect on yourself first.

I haven’t written this out properly, just jotted down my thoughts as they have come to my head. In the end I want people to forgo their monkey tribal senses and learn to become human. War is never good and never wanted. We should work to end them.