Thought on – Sustainable consumption and management of resources

Whatever your thoughts or your motives might be about this, I think it is vital for us to reconsider how we are using resources both personally and as a society. Living and consuming in excess is not sustainable. And it is not good for our physical & mental well-being.

If you are religious then think whether your religious prophet would have approved of such a lifestyle, and if you are not religious think whether it is a good idea not to invest in the wellbeing of our species.

We can differ on methods but our objectives need to be reasonably understood and agreed, and plan a workable route to achieve them in the best way forward.

Excess in consumption of food, luxury items, disposable goods, short life goods made with poor graded quality to increase reconsumption, overuse of fishery etc resulting in waste rather than for healthy sustenance. Just because we have something doesn’t mean we have to use it. Excess in terms of personal consumption creating waste as a result of underuse but overproduction of time critical products and overuse of low quality products needing reconsumption resulting in over production is not a good resource management strategy.

I do not advocate for this to be directed via governance because that only creates corruption and no buy-in from people. This is something we all need to think about internally. As a whole package of how to live a good life plan.

We need to rethink our relationship with the things we create as well. Slowly by slowly we are becoming a slave to our creations rather than using them as a tool.

What we put in our body and what we put out of it need to be in harmony with the environment which sustains us.