Thoughts on unnecessary extreme tribalism

This pandemic has made extremists out of all of us. Masks, well cloth masks don’t work for Covid. But if you want to wear them or other ones, wear them, according to you it protects you. If people like myself don’t, then I won’t, I won’t be protected according to you. End of.

Why do we have to force each other? Why is my existence so interlinked with your sense of security? You think covid jabs work, fine take them. It protects you according to you. I didn’t take them, I got covid, recovered in 2 days. That is my concern. You do you.

What we are experiencing is a religious dogma. A new religion. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong as long as you blindly follow the edicts laid out by the proclaimed priests of ‘science’. All praise the high priests. No one question their might. This is madness.

And now I will contradict myself a bit. This is why I mock at those wearing masks alone in a car, or when outside in uncrowded open air or who get covid after booster and don’t know what is going on because you’ve made it into a religion and cultish behaviour deserves mockery.

We evolved so we can start leaving our tribal monkey senses behind. We have brains capable of independent thought. Yes our sense of community should be high and we should ensure each other’s successful survival but we cannot become a hostage to it.

For the greater good – theres no greater good because theres no absolute good or bad. That’s exactly the religious dogma which has distorted our somewhat abstract existence. We need to get out of this funk. If we don’t then compromise, learning, improving & progress hinders.

Let’s be civil, let’s learn to be human and strive to be human in all our actions. Stop thinking from our tribal perspective but from our own perspectives informing on to the tribe if needed. Let go of the monkey brain and join the human race.

Death is inevitable, it comes to all. Let’s not be afraid of it but welcome it when it comes to knowing that we did all we could to make our lives better while alive. A sense of goodness that comes out of fear, bears the markers of the evil that can be committed. Be wary.