2022 Indie/Small Press Reads & Top 3 Picks

Indie/Small Reads of 2022:

Above are the 15 indie books I have read in 2022, up till Indie April. All were really good reads. The next one I will be doing, will be around this same time next year.

Now, let me promote my Top 3 Picks and then underneath I can list all the other books with their Amazon links so can check them out.

TOP 3 READS 2022

This year it was really hard trying to pick top 3, there were so many other books which I wanted to put in my top 3 like Mists and Megaliths, Complete Darkness and Gone to the Movies. But let’s promote the top 3.


Pass the bottle, stranger, and I’ll tell you a true story of a West that never was. A tale of the lawman Zarahemla Two Crows and his quest for the widow’s son that led him through the gates of Hell.

A story of the child’s young pioneer mother who joins Two Crows, and the vampire-hunting nun and cavalryman with his steed of steam and iron who come to their aid. A tale of a world where one needs a trusty six-gun at their side and an even greater trust in God to survive.

I’ll tell you of their battle into the heart of darkness, and the faith required to prevent the resurrection of a godlike entity of evil—a power greater than the world has ever known.

I’ll tell you a story, friend, of when the West was weird.

Ryan Williamson’s The Widow’s Son is a gritty blend of steampunk fantasy, the occult, and Western adventure “that will take you on a wild ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before.” (Woelf Dietrich, author of The Seals of Abgal)

Horror and sci-fi stories with bite are prowling the pages of this scary, funny book. Two young friends go on the run from a homicidal hearse driver… A teenage girl becomes possessed by parasitic insects nesting in her backyard… A bullied woman learns she can control an entire city block with her mind… An innocent man gets cast as a teen slayer on Hell’s top reality show… An out-of-shape vampire hires a serial killer to be his fitness trainer… And more tales!

A dark world of intractable crises: climate change, over production, bankrupt economies running unresolvable deficits, and an insupportable population explosion. The global economy is making too much; there is an oversupply in every market – but consumers cannot afford to buy. Mass poverty stalks the planet.
Software technology and the use of biometrics have made it possible to track every person. Drone surveillance has become commonplace and strict controls over who can travel and into which areas, are being introduced. This is the world of Alex Field in 2049.
But Alex sees nothing sinister in any of this. It is the world into which he was born. This world of surveillance, data gathering and personal monitoring is his norm. Then his friend David Barret disappears after giving him a copy of a cryptic leaked email and Alex finds himself sucked into a dark world of intrigue and politics. He takes the enigmatic email to Dr. Jamie Monroe, an American scientist working in northeast England, then she too disappears. Returning to London he is arrested and accused of breaching state security, his perception of the world he inhabits begins to change. Now he is on the run, a fugitive. In search of his friend the trail leads him to America where he meets up with Fran, Jamie Monroe’s sister – together they begin to discover that lurking behind an American initiative to revitalize the world’s economy, there is a much darker plan, known only as The Second Agenda.
A thrilling story of murder, political deceit and a breath-taking conspiracy to change the world back to “the better times we once enjoyed”.

List of all 15 Indie / Small Books for 2022

  1. The Widow’s Son by Ryan Williamson
  2. Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman
  3. The Sudden Death of a Cucumber by Richard Savin
  4. Mists and Megaliths by Catherine McCarthy
  5. Complete Darkness by Matt Adlock
  6. The Liar, the Bitch and the Warmonger by Morgan R. Leader
  7. Gone to the Movies by Ethan Hunt
  8. Cat Potion No. 9 by Lyn Perry
  9. Barely Composed by Anna Tizard
  10. The Woman in Red Heels by Brooklyn Dean
  11. Six Strings and a Bottle by Swan Workman
  12. Revived by Barbara Avon
  13. The Gouge by MH David
  14. Powerless by Vicky Ball
  15. We Watch You NS Ford