The need for a new political system

I’d rather have anarchy than an organized government mafia draped in the cloak of democracy.

We need a shake up, we need new political and governance systems based on a one line constitution, ‘The government must at all times leave its people the fu¢k alone’.

I personally would prefer some sort of a no political party all independent democratic monarchy based on meritocracy and not on bloodline, where the monarch is voted in after every lifetime term or when voted out if not working in favour of the citizens.

That is in a nutshell my political thinking. Whereas one might be better than the other for the time being, I am not in full favour of Presidential republics, Monarchies, Democratic Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship and so on. None of them have the best interest of the people.

We are wasting our money, resources and mental efforts on a class of people who will never be able to fix the problems that they themselves create. We need a form of managed anarchy which breaks the mafia of political elites.

In what other scenario would you give someone a huge chunk of your money every month but when you ask how it is being used, told you don’t need to worry. When you ask that organisation questions, they say oh it’s state secrets, just keep quiet and keep giving me the dough.

If we are going to keep acting like fools then we will keep on being treated like fools. Enough with their secret under the table deals, their intelligence agencies creating mischief, their corruption, their lies & talking points, their wars and extortion, their empty promises.

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, they are all the same. They are masters of lies and corruption. Aren’t you sick of being made a fool? Aren’t you sick of being treated like their little b!t¢h?

The tipping point is coming, and I hope it comes with a reckoning like never before. I hope we all wake up to our true potential and we let go of all petty hatred and arbitrary divisions.