Thoughts on unhealthy cultural perceptions

Everyone can make off comments every now and then, but to take that off comment and make that into a caricature exemplar of their entire life is a disingenuous leap.

I see ppl doing it with Dr Jordan Peterson over magazine cover issue. Beauty is subjective so I would hesitate to go so far as to claim it is not beautiful for all but what I would say is that it’s not healthy, and perhaps we should not be promoting an unhealthy outlook as desirable.

And adding the bit of ‘well in some cultures blah blah’ doesn’t help, as cultures are sometimes wrong due to their fundamentals being wrongly perceived or not having been updated with time. It is not healthy for any human being to be overweight let alone obese.

No amount of normalisation can negate that fact. Now I am guilty of being a bit overweight myself and working to return to my optimum self, let’s hope I return to some satisfactory level eventually. But I will never promote normalising being overweight to feel good about myself.

Because that is selfish behaviour, that is lazy and detrimental to others. It is not a good stance, you are not being inclusive of anything by doing that, but actually you are harming the individual in question by affirming their issue rather than letting them acknowledge it.

All of this is done to make oneself feel better and get undeserving attention. And I find it pathetic and repugnant. If you actually care then you would be prepared to tell hard truths.