Each to Their Own by Momus Najmi | Short Poem | The World of Momus Podcast

This is the reading of a short poem written by me, titled, ‘Each to their Own’.

Each to their Own

The things that give us life,
are also likely to be our downfall,
Just like the flickering flames of a fire know,
they are only there for the show. 

Do not be in a haste
to burn it all,
The warmth of comfort 
comes at a cost,
Let each to be at its purpose
and each to the time they wrought.

Credits: Poem by: Momus Najmi

Campfire video courtesy: Vecteezy.com (https://www.vecteezy.com/video/6301194-burnt-wood-panels-a-pile-of-wood-burned-on-fire)

Background music courtesy: Pixabay.com (Ashot-Danielyan)