Terror of the Deep | Momus Najmi | The World of Momus Podcast

This short poem details the legend of the Kraken – the terror of the deep.

Hope you enjoy listening to it.

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Terror of the Deep

Beyond the horizon
Into the unknown
Where the sea is both
Calm and violent

Goes the bravest
As courage would allow them
They go there 
To make their mark
They go there
To battle with their thoughts 

Whoosh, Splash, Grunt, Smash,
These are the sounds of Kraken’s thrash
Scylla of the Greeks
Lusca of the Andros
Akkorokamui of Hokkaido, the Nippon terror,
Te Wheke-a-Muturangi of the Maori
Kraken of the Norse
It goes by many names, but it does the same
Whoosh, Splash, Grunt, Smash
And down go the bravest and their thoughts

Creating whirlpools
Swallowing whole ships
Disguising as an island
Luring wretched souls
But most of all
To its monstrous delight
Ascending from the depths
With its many tentacles it wraps 
Whole ships, all crews,
Pulls them within 
Devouring its luncheon with relish

Forever the wise 
The ones with long beards gone silver
Told the braves of this terror
That lives in the depths of the sea
For the wide waters are inhospitable
Fierce and perilous
To the ones accustomed 
To live not beyond the shores
But their tales were used
To keep the cowards away
So that the brave might steel themselves
To battle with their fate

From the days of Orvar-Oddr 
Who along with his son
Survived the first encounter
Along the Norwegian coast
800 or so years ago 
Those stout Viking hearts
Told the tale of beast below
Not one but two
As they escaped their way home

A gigantic octopus or a squid
10 ships long
More stronger than any
Since been seen by many souls 
Daring to traverse those seas
Where Thor strikes thunder
And Odin prevails 

No magical powers
Just brute strength 
It cannot fly
Shoot lightning 
Or control the weather
For it be no God
But a monster of the deep
The master of the sea

You can smell it in the air
And see the chaos in the waters
As the fishes flock to the surface 
And the sea becomes uneasy
No time to escape
No time to think 
Whoosh. Splash. Grunt. Smash. 
And with your maker, you shall meet.

The terror of the deep.

Poem by: Momus Najmi
Background Music: Where the brave may live forever (OB-LIX via Pixabay)