Thought of the day – Fair game or no game

There is a reason why I haven’t read much new literature. Publishers are no longer interested in publishing quality, but rather those who prescribe to a certain ideology or are of a certain demographic. However, in a way that has probably always been the case.

Demographics change but the screening process remains the same. It is never only about quality when it comes to publishing firms. Apart from few standout cases, majority of the time a standardized template of selection seems to be used based on the era.

This seems to be across all media. But what does that teach us? It teaches us that if people want and value fair game, and meritocracy in the arts then independent publishing & media is the route, and the audience need to choose this more over established drivel.

The days of gatekeepers are at an end, the ones taking lion’s share of other people’s creativity and hard work. So now, when it comes to book publishing, to attract more audience towards independent & small press, we need to collectively give it more support and attention.

People need to actively start choosing more local, independent and small press, media and businesses over these gatekeepers who are only interested in pushing down their agenda on us. Fresh from the propaganda mill. Dictate to us what is good or bad. Well no more, I say.