Thought of the day – Immature minds

The problem with comments from young minds is that they often speak from a lack of experience filling in their gaps with knowledge of things without knowing where to place what knowledge and in relation to what.

Although this I suspect is tied more to immaturity, and it is an affliction in all ages but the young are more susceptible to it, or are more likely to have it and be excused for it because we expect them to mature with time eventually.

But most times such immaturity of thought needs to be called out. Because otherwise it festers & grows legitimacy and misleads others of similar minds to believe they are in knowledge of something while that something is bits & pieces of nothing put together haphazardly.

This becomes more of a problem when the immature thoughts are given legitimacy through access to audiences, and they spread such immaturity further without much challenge. That’s a problem. I think better speech needs to win but for it better speech needs to be made first.

I don’t believe in blocking any speech but I also don’t believe in amplifying obviously faulty speech. But no one gets to determine the fault of the speech however from the structure of the information being conveyed regardless of what the information is, you can determine if the basis is likely to be faulty or not.

This is where we hear of conspiracy theories and dismiss all of them without discerning which have faulty structures and which are legitimate pieces of information put together. Because a gap in information does not mean the whole message is immature or faulty, but an obvious cover up of that gap or willful ignorance of that gap shows an immature and faulty thought process. Likely done in service of something other than the gaining of knowledge.